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One day, at her observatory, Rosalina woke up with a smile, it was her birthday and every year  on her birthday, the lumas would always get her beautiful gifts and presents were everywhere, she went downstairs and saw all the lumas with brightly wrapped boxes and cards, however there was one luma in particular who gave her very odd present, a banana, The blonde princess looked down and said"oh...this is nice" she said before eating the banana, throwing away the peel and saying"well little one, it was a very good banana", the luma smiled and said"thank you mama, it's a special banana I made with the help of Professor E.Gadd, I heard about how you said you felt like you were...lacking in certain areas, so I got some DNA from a girl who's got the right stuff in all the right places" Rosalina asked nerovusly "Wh..who did you use, l..little Luma?" " CANDY KONG" the luma said happily" we took some of her DNA and infused into that banana", Rosalina looked at the luma and then at her hands, which grew brown blonde hair that covered the tops of her hands and spread to the rest of rest body except for her feet and her face, she felt her chest expand and her breasts began  to grow, becoming bigger and bigger, even slightly bigger than Candys,her body and skeleton changed and shifted,  soon Rosalina was full Kong, her dress felt tight around her new, huge, breasts and bubbly, fur covered, butt. She looked in the mirror, she was shocked but at the same time  she couldn't but help but feel her new body, her fur was as soft as silk and warmed her body, she had thumb like toes on her feet and she found that she could them just like hands, she looked to the little luma and said"T..this feels wonderful, have any more of these? I must share these with Daisy and Peach," the little luma said"the professor has a whole tree of them", Rosalina smiled, she had her luma make a new dress to comfortably accommodate her new, Kong, body, she felt her new, furry, breasts." these, they feel so nice, they're so, so, warm and fluffy" she thought to herself, her lumas brought her the tree, the tree had several,large, bunches, she said"send one to each of these girls" and gave them a little list of women to send the bananas to.

...A few days later...

Daisy received a small package from Rosalina, she opened it and found a perfectly, preserved banana and a small letter from Rosalina, it said"Hello Daisy, I found these wonderful new kind of bananas" Daisy looked at the not and asked "what's so special about a banana?" she ate and took a nap, when she woke, she felt her clothes being much more tight on her body than before, she felt some sort of warm fur all over her body and she when looked in the mirror, she saw she was a kong, she heard a knock on her castle door, she opened the door only to see Peach, who too had been transformed. Peach gasped and said"Oh, no, not you too, oh dear, this is mad, Samus, Mona, Palutena, those bananas Rosalina sent us, they've been turning us all into kongs, we have to do something". The princesses talked about what to do next, they eventually decided to go to Rosalinas observatory, after warping up to her home, they found the space princess, smiling happily and saying"this is amazing" before noticing Daisy and Peach. Rosalina smiled and saidOh, hello, enjoying your new bodies", Peach said"Enjoying, you turned us into kongs, could you do this to us?" Rosalina frowned and said"but look at yourselves, you're even more beautiful than before, your breasts and butt are bigger, your fur is soft and silky, it's amazing", Peach said"W..well yes, but you didn't ask, you just turned us into kongs, although admittedly these new bodies do feel nice" Daisy smiled and said"a..and this fur is pretty warm, and my breasts feel great, so full and furry, like pillows" Rosalina smiled again and said"see? this is great, all it takes is some getting used to, soon enough we'll be able to show off our, perfect, beautiful, kong bodies", "But what about Mario and Luigi, w..will the accpet us like this?" Daisy smiled and said"I know Luigi, he's waaay to much of a sweetheart and a sucker for a cute women to leave me, I'm sure he'll love this new body" as she looked at her new butt, giving it a little jiggle."And I'm sure Mario will still love you, with all your lovely fur and perfectly shaped, you'll be irresistible"

Soon enough the princesses returned home and called up the Mario brothers, the brothers arrived and saw what the princesses were now, they were more than surprised to say the least, however soon enough they came to accept and love the new bodies of the princesses and soon enough, they went with the relationships as if nothing had changed.Soon enough Rosalina was visited by other girls interested in becoming kongs, she worked with E.Gadd to make more bananas and send them out to every woman who wanted them and soon enough, it seemed that almost every woman she knew was a beautiful, beautiful, kong

Rosalina, Daisy, and Peach all go bananas
My first story ever, it involves tf, Roslina turning into a kong, more specifically resembling Candy Kong, she also turns Peach and Daisy, enjoy and please let me know what you think


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